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Treehouse B&B

Bryan and I spent the past weekend at TreeHouse Point B&B in Issaquah, WA. This was a belated 5th wedding anniversary trip (the traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift is wood so a treehouse is very appropriate). The B&B is only about 45 minutes away from our home. We didn’t realize until we arrived but there is a TV show on Animal Planet about the owner and operator of the TreeHouse Point B&B. I am surprised I was actually able to book a room for Friday and Saturday night.

I always wanted a treehouse as a little girl so I was pretty excited to stay here. We stayed for two nights in the Upper Pond treehouse.  The room was cute and cozy. The bunks on the top made great places to read and nap. The room even had a compostable toilet so we didn’t have to climb down the ladder at night to use the bathroom. I was a little concerned about having to use a separate bath house but the bath house exceeded my expectations. Each bath house contained a toilet, sink and glass shower with the ability to adjust the room’s temperature.


Since Upper Pond treehouse is accessed via ladder, there is a pulley available to hoist up and down baggage.


There are not many activities (especially in winter) or restaurants around the B&B. We ate a unique and delicious dinner at Falls City Bistro. We spent time hanging out in the treehouse reading. Snoqualmie Falls is a short drive away. The accumulated ice and snow around the Falls was interesting to see.


We woke up on our last morning to a light dusting of snow on the ground around our treehouse.


Even though we were so close to home, it definitely felt like we were farther away. We came back home refreshed and relaxed after our stay at TreeHouse Point B&B. I just wish I could return sooner; the B&B’s reservation calendar is booked solid for months and months.

Travel Recap

STAY: TreeHouse B&B (http://www.treehousepoint.com)

EAT: Falls City Bistro (http://www.fallcitybistro.com) plus we ate the lovely breakfast buffet at the TreeHouse B&B lodge each morning

FAVORITES: Hanging out in a treehouse and Snoqualmie Falls


Travel Archive: Longbeach, WA

This is our vacation from last President’s weekend. I found our travel inspiration to Long Beach after reading about some unusual landmarks in the book, Weird Washington.

We visited Marsh’s Free Museum (409 Pacific Ave. S) and saw Jake the alligator man along with other oddities.

Jake the Alligator ManWe walked across the street from Marsh’s Free Museum to get a photo in front of the world’s largest frying pan. Not sure if it is actually the largest in the world but it was pretty big.

World's Largest Frying Pan

We drove down Pacific Avenue to get some pictures of an ugly mermaid statue, another Weird Washington recommendation.

Ugly Mermaid

STAY: Akari Bungalows (http://www.akaribungalows.com), these cute cabins are close to the beach with a fireplace and small kitchen

EAT: We ate yummy pastries in the morning at Cottage Bakery & Delicatessen (118 Pacific Ave S)

FAVORITES: Finding the attractions listed in Weird Washington


Herron Island

Bryan and I spent the MLK Jr. weekend in a furnished house we rented on Herron Island. We took a private ferry to the island. Rented house on Herron IslandThere are no grocery stores or restaurants on the island so we came well prepared with plenty of food for the three-day weekend.

The deer on the island have no natural predators so they are friendly. We paid $5 for 5-gallons of deer food. Best use of $5. It was amazing to have the deer eat out of our hands.

Travel Recap: Herron Island 

STAY: Twin Wolves Retreat furnished house (http://www.twinwolvesretreat.com/)

EAT: NA – no restaurants on the island

FAVORITES: feeding deer by hand

IMPORTANT NOTES: must access via private ferry with a guest pass from an island resident