Concrete, WA

Bryan and I took a weekend trip with my parents to Concrete, WA near the North Cascades back in January. We rented a cute two bedroom cabin called the Cougar Creek guesthouse from Ovenell’s Inn. Our cabin had many cougar-themed decorations, hence the name. It was the perfect size for the four of us. We enjoyed relaxing together in the living room/kitchen area below in the evening.

Cougar Creek guesthouse

The cabins are located on a 580-acre working cattle ranch. We bought steaks from the Inn. The plan was to cook them in the cabin Saturday night but they were still too frozen. When we did finally enjoy them at them a few days a later, they were delicious.

P1170156Our trip coincided with the town’s annual Skagit Eagle Festival. We took a bald eagle float tour from the Skagit River Guide Service. Our boat held 6 passengers plus our guide. The boat did have small space heaters which helped with the cold and drizzly conditions.

We saw about 40 eagles during the 3-hour float. Our guide said the peak was the end of December when they saw about 200 eagles each trip. I would definitely go back and plan for a trip in December.


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